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VIVA HOTELS participate in the project Life Beyond Tourism aimed at the valorisation of the local identity and the intercultural dialog - for more information about

  VIVA HOTELS partecipa al progetto Life Beyond Tourism per la valorizzazione dell'identità del luogo visitato e del dialogo interculturale - per maggiori informazioni su Life Beyond Tourism    Virtual tour  

Meeting people, talking to them, getting to know a place: my idea of travel.

Life Beyond Tourism - Oltre il Turismo

isn’t a product, it’s an ethos, an approach; it isn’t something you ‘sell’, it’s something you offer


The ultimate goal of the Life Beyond Tourism project is to help foster the spread of universal values such as respect and friendship the world over. To achieve this, the Life Beyond Tourism project has been designed to turn tourism from a mere moment of leisure into a valuable opportunity for cross-cultural awareness and exchange, thus helping people to overcome the difficulties that stand in the way of our accepting those who are different from us. There is a way of practising tourism that transcends mere snapshots, souvenirs and shopping. It is crucial for the spirit of the Life Beyond Tourism project that the relationship between the visitor and his or her destination doesn’t boil down to a mere offering of services. Rather, it needs to foster the guest’s close involvement with the identity of his or her destination and its history, as well as its present and future prospects.

One of the mainstays of the Life Beyond Tourism philosophy involves safeguarding a tourist destination’s identity in its most vibrant tradition and in its ability to address historic change; indeed it is no mere coincidence that Life Beyond Tourism was conceived and tested in Florence, a city that has become a symbol of human civilisation, that owes its livelihood largely to tourism and that is in danger of being overrun and worn to the bone by tourism of the wrong kind. Life Beyond Tourism is based on the value of human relations and on the civilization inherent in the pleasure of offering (including the pleasure of offering one’s amenability to getting to know others) which is such a traditional feature of travel worthy of the name.

Life Beyond Tourism - Oltre il Turismo


Life Beyond Tourism is a new vision of tourism: not consumer-driven or standardized, but strategically designed:

  • to safeguard “spirit of place”
  • to communicate “spirit of place”
  • to encourage all visitors to enhance their knowledge
  • to promote interpersonal awareness and familiarization among tourists from different countries of the world
  • to boost people’s sense of respect in a non-standardized environment

With Life Beyond Tourism, destinations visited by tourists, particularly if they are recognized UNESCO sites, take on a new role as workshops for promoting peace thanks to the enhancement of tourism as a way of promoting the development of human relations on an international scale.

Life Beyond Tourism was originally spawned by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation’s belief that both crosscultural dialogue and the ethos behind the commitment to promoting that dialogue should be seen as part and parcel of our intangible heritage.

Life Beyond Tourism can be seen as the rebirth of travelling for touris.

  • Tourism is a crucial source of prosperity
  • Tourism, in its various forms, isn’t simply the satisfying of personal needs
  • Tourism provides an opportunity for getting to know the spirit of place
  • People working in the tourist industry are also working for peace
  • The tourist is a potential herald of peace
  • The tourist’s destination, whether natural or built, is a ‘laboratory’ of knowledge

Hotel Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio, Pilot Scheme

The project, Life Beyond Tourism (Oltre il Turismo) will be experimented at the Hotel Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio.

This experiment offers hotel guests the chance to live a new experience of awareness of, and introduction to, life in Florence by means of a pathway of learning with films and itineraries allowing direct contact with the city itself in all it historical and artistic aspects. This also includes the evolving of economic and civil life, the transformation processes currently underway, all through the flavours of Florentine and Tuscan tradition in a panoramic restaurant over the rooftops of Florence, as well as through music in various forms connected to the territory.

A collection of comprehensive books containing opinions expressed by illustrious writers and travellers about the way of life of the city of Florence, its habits, customs, and its oenogastronomy will also be available for guests.

Finally, there will be the unique chance to take part in meetings, conversations and intercultural exchanges with other guests in a pleasant, especially reserved area in the hotel called The Melting Pot.

With the experiment Life Beyond Tourism, Hotel Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio has welcomed the opportunity to establish a more in-depth dialogue with its guests, offering them the chance to share knowledge, emotions, sensations and impressions with others. 

Since 1990, the tribute of Viva Hotels in Florence in a path to search for a new style of tourism.

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