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Pitti Palace
al Ponte Vecchio

Located in the heart of the medieval Florence, near the Ponte Vecchio

Life Beyond Tourism®, Pitti Palace Hotel

The Pitti Palace is proud to be part of the project “Life Beyond Tourism ”: a project designed to promote acquaintance with cultural diversity and with traditional knowledge, to impart real added value to travel destinations, and to foster respect among peoples while allowing for their ongoing cultural and economic growth.

Our aim is to involve our guests to international dialogue, to feel the spirit of the Heritage, its past, present and future,   going beyond a mere consumer-driven service approach.  

We are happy to supply our guests materials and information to dig into Florence's History and to fully enjoy the Beauties of this unique City:

•  Touch screen in the lobby and all floors with information and video about Florence, Also available specific itineraries designed to allow guests to choose between building on the better-known sights or visiting other interesting if lesser-known areas of the city.   The itineraries pan out in concentric circles around the hotel, helping visitors to make the best possible use of their time, allowing them to visit both the more popular sights and other equally interesting if less wellknown neighbourhoods.

•  First 3 channels on TV dedicated to three different videos about Florence, its history and main masterpeieces.

•  A refreshing minibar with local products, don't be surprised if you do not find coke or vodka or international beers ( available on request anyway): we have given preferences to our Italian beers, “grappa” and soft drinks.

•  Little library in the lobby free of charge, books are left from previous guests so that you can create a virtual tie with previous and future guests! The library is located in the melting pot room.

Also our Restaurant is involved in this project, food and wine is dedicated to our culinary traditions, using only fresh and local products. The main ingredient of all the dishes is the view from the terrace, for a truly unforgettable “dinner with view”.

HERITAGE + TOURISM = Life Beyond Tourism

for Intercultural Dialogue with a Tourism Based on Values, not just on Consumer Services

Life Beyond Tourism®


Since 1990, the tribute of Viva Hotels in Florence in a path to search for a new style of tourism.

Be part of history

Life Beyond Tourism for tourism based on values, not just on consumer services.

Life Beyond Tourism