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Laurus al Duomo

The Hotel Laurus al Duomo, completely renovated, is located in the city center, only few metres from the Cathedral

Caffè Astra

Caffè Astra looks like an exclusive and glamour local. It is in perfect harmony with the Florentine lifestyle. The café is open from the morning with a very special breakfast, then a delicious happy hour, both of them with a big buffet and lots of drink varieties. Thanks to this kind of services, the café is the perfect place to spend several moments of the day till the night for dinner! But not only, Caffè Astra can be arranged for parties in privet rooms, birthday celebrations, meetings, wine tastings, with background music and many other surprises that Caffè Astra can offer.

Since 1990, the tribute of Viva Hotels in Florence in a path to search for a new style of tourism.

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