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B&B Firenze Novoli

The B&B Hotel Firenze Novoli is situated right at the very heart of the city's road network...


    Prices shown are per room, per night and inclusive of VAT.

    SINGLE ROOM from € 49,00*

    DOUBLE ROOM from € 55,00*

    TRIPLE ROOM from € 61,00*

    Buffet breakfast prices: €6.90 for adults and €3.50 for children under the age of 12.

    Supplements will apply to these prices during conferences and special events:
    • from 14/06/2010 to 19/06/2010 - Pitti Uomo  
    • from 30/12/2010 to 02/01/2011 - New Year
    All rates will be confirmed at the moment of on-line reservation.

    * Rates may be altered without prior notice.

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