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With six hotels in florence three and four star-rated, 431 rooms, 6 meeting rooms, VIVA HOTELS is a unit with considerable importance on the Florentine hotel market (a considerable reality in the Florentine hotel panorama).

Hotel B&B Firenze Aeroporto
  Hotel B&B Firenze Aeroporto | 88 rooms 3 star hotel  

Located one kilometers from the airport, this modern high-rise hotel is located in Florence's business district.
3*** hotel in Florence

Florence Hotels: Hotel Hotel B&B Firenze Capitol  Hotel B&B Firenze Capitol | 99 rooms 3 star hotel  

Modern hotel located in the Santa Croce district, one kilometer from the Duomo and Uffizi Gallery.
3*** hotel in Florence

Florence Hotels: Hotel Florence Hotel B&B  N. Palazzo di Giustizia
 Hotel Florence B&B N. Palazzo di Giustizia | 88 rooms 3 stars hotel   

Modern hotel situated in Florence's Novoli area, three kilometers north-west of the city centre, one kilometre from airport.
3*** hotel in Florence

 Hotel Laurus al Duomo | 50 rooms   

Nineteenth-century Florentine building situated just 100 meters from the Duomo and within 300 metres of the Uffizi gallery.
4**** hotel in Florence

 Hotel Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio | 87 rooms 3 stars Hotel  

13th-century tower at the end of Ponte Vecchio. Housed in a medieval tower, this hotel is amid shops and cafés at Ponte Vecchio, two blocks from Pitti Palace and four blocks from Santo Spirito Church and the Uffizi Gallery.
3*** hotel in Florence.

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Since 1990, the tribute of Viva Hotels in Florence in a path to search for a new style of tourism.

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